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District 4-2A 2020

      Me oh my... Crawfish Pie... Look at how those Eagles FLY!!! Yesterday marked District for the Holy Savior Menard, and with only 1 race to go, not counting the State Meet, it looks as though the Eagles are setting up for an exciting final few weeks this season!  

     The Eagles competed in the District 4-2A meet and this coach simply could not have been prouder of the effort that was put forth by both the girls and the boys teams! All HSM runners competed in the Varsity Division for district and there were some AMAZING PRs that were set, particularly from the rookie runners in the 3 Mile! Of the 34 HSM runners 12 new PRs were set in a race that took place AFTER a full school day! The results of the race are as follows:


      The Lady Eagles demolished Avoyelles Charter and Rapides teams this year scoring an amazing 19 total points and taking 7 of the top 8 spots in the race and 10 of the top 15! The Ladies were led by Captain Quinn Brown who took the top spot at 2 of the 3 Buhlow races this year and won the Individual District championship! Her finishing time of 20:54 was only bested this year by her Oct 3rd time at Buhlow, a morning race. Kannin Cole finished 3rd overall in the race with a fantastic time of 22:00 and ran her best race of the year in my opinion! Emma DeRosa finish 4th overall for the HSM Eagles with a time of 22:06. Although it may not have been her best time of the year there is no doubt that she left everything on the course for her team! Chesney Matthews finished 5th Overall and continued her rookie season at HSM with another fantastic time of 22:18, only 7 seconds from her PR. Again racing afterschool has a profound effect and she will undoubtedly see a low number in the next two weeks! Abbey Scalisi was 6th Overall and ran a time of 22:50, only a stones throw from her PR as well! Meredith Seeling was 7th Overall and ran a very strong time of 23:43 in the 3Mile after a heroic run just 2.5 days earlier at the Pre-State Meet at NSU. Claire Callis was 8th overall for the girls and as a 7th grader put down another HUGE PR with a time of 24:16 crushing her old PR by over 45 seconds! She will look to drop it once again next week at ANTHILL. Danielle Krill finished 12th overall for the girls and ran a great race of 25:35, she will also be looking to get back into the 24s again next week. Kerrigan Garsaud finished 13th overall and ran a time of 26:00, and while she continues to work will certainly reach back low into the 23s in the next race! Amie Cochran was 14th overall running a great race of 26:17, again much like Meredith following a fantastic performance this past Saturday. Senior Hannah Crooks finished 16th with a time of 27:15 and has gotten better in every single race that she has competed in this year. She is within striking distance of her PR of 26:37 that she set as a 9th grader! I know she will get there next week! Mia Parrish, finishing 17th, dropped an Atomic BOMB on her old PR of 30:37 with a new best time of 28:03!!!!!! An amazing year from this girl will wrap up next weekend at ANTHILL where she looks to once again improve her time! Kate Gilchrist, finishing 18th, also absolutely destroyed her old PR by more 3:00 with a fantastic time of 28:06! Chelsea Ugokwe and Breanna Buller got in on the action as well finishing 19th and 21st overall but both smashing their old PRs running 28:18 and 28:19 respectively! Sarah Gad, finishing in 22nd, by far ran her best race of the year with a fantastic time of 28:42 and strives daily to continue to push her time farther down! Wrapping up for the HSM Lady Eagles was Guadalupe Patino who finished in 24th with a great run of 35:27! The Lady Eagles will look to improve and sharpen their times in their next race ANTHILL on November 7th. For some it will be the last race of the year, and for the rest will be the final tune-up race before STATE on November 16th! CONGRATS TO ALL





     The guys set the course on fire for District and scored the lowest possible score of 15 points compared to 50 by Avoyelles Charter and 85 by Rapides! They finish 1st through 8th and claimed 9 of the top 10 spots as well as 11 of the top 15!!!!! Truly amazing effort put forth and the times by some of the runners absolutely floored this coach! Charles Beard finished 1st overall for the Eagles and as a Sophomore claimed his 1st Individual District title and ran a cruising time of 17:51. Light work for the heavy lifter... Eli Watkins, lone Senior on the boys team, continues to progress dropping a monster time of 17:56 making him the 4th HSM team member to break the 18 minute mark this year, he also finished 2nd overall in the race! His efforts and character will be sorely missed next year but he still has a job to FINISH THIS YEAR! Mikey DeRosa finished 3rd overall and ran a Buhlow best time of 18:10! He will look to match his 17:34, set a NSU last week, when he races at Anthill! Carter Byers, finishing 4th, was right on his heels the entire way and finished with a great Buhlow time of 18:12! These 2 freshman have an amazing future ahead of them. Junior, and Captain, Aaron Cantrell finished 5th overall with a hard fought race of 19:02 putting a cap on the perfect score for the Eagles! Although the scoring was done it didn't hinder the rest of the team from putting down impressive insurance on the win with Matthew Hawthorn finishing 6th overall and running his second best time ever of 19:32! Austin Siebeneicher finished 7th overall in his District debut and continues his unbelievable 7th grade season with a time of 19:33! Noah Gad followed Austin in 8th setting a new PR of 19:50 and showing that he is certainly nobody to be left out! After fighting through injury and taking several weeks off of running he has returned with a vengeance! David Shepherd came in 10th overall and raced his way to a time of 20:02! He continues to work lower and lower with his times this year! Jake Noda finished 13th overall and ran a great time of 20:46, he will have his eyes on that elusive 20 minute mark next week at Anthill! Bennett Loyacano finished 16th overall and ran a new PR of 21:17 after taking a couple races off due to a nagging injury as well! Michael Gad finished 19th in the race and ran a time of 22:01. He will undoubtedly be among those who break the 20 minute mark next week! Jansen Fairbanks and Seth Soprano have had absolutely incredible seasons as 7th graders and this week they both put it all together with both guys setting new PRs! Jansen finished ahead this meet in 21st and improved his PR by over 2:30 minutes with a fantastic time of 22:07!!! Seth not to be outdone followed right behind him with a new PR himself by over a minute of 22:14 in 23rd! Fynn Raborn, in his first cross country season, also set a new PR this week, in only his 3rd 3 mile race! His time of 22:37 was good enough to place him 24th overall! Caden Elkins crossed the line in 25th and ran a hard fought race with a time of 23:07! Finishing up for the Eagles was Michael Whitehead who finished 31st and continued to push his PR lower and lower over the final weeks of the season with a time of 27:21!

Great Job to all the Eagles!


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