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September 12, 2020

The Holy Savior Menard XC team was at it again today! Another week of competition leads to the Eagles bringing home multiple medals and a 1st place team championship for both BOYS AND GIRLS TEAMS! This week saw great improvement across all levels on both teams, with both veterans and rookies making huge PRs over the dual meet last week!

The VARSITY BOYS team dominated with 4, YES THAT'S RIGHT 4, runners going under 18:30 in the 3 mile! BOOM!!!

The team Team score of 31 points was headed by CAPTAIN CHARLES BEARD (10th) setting a new PR at 17:09.43, and finishing 2nd overall behind his bitter rival from Pineville (No worries though, HIS DAYS ARE NUMBERED). his time moves him to the 20TH FASTEST TIME EVER RUN BY A BOY AT HOLY SAVIOR MENARD AND THERE IS MUCH MORE TO COME! MIKEY DEROSA (9th) absolutely cruised to his own new PR of 18:13.67 and finished 4th overall, while fellow Freshman CARTER BYERS and CAPTAIN AARON CANTRELL (11th) finished hot on his heels both setting new PRs by HUGE MARGINS at 18:20.27 (6th place) and 18:27.73 (7th place) respectively! Rounding out the top 5 was rookie Austin Siebeneicher (7th GRADE) ALSO setting a new PR and finishing 12th place with a time of 20:34.94!!! NOAH GAD (10th) finished strong, besting his time from last week, at 20:38.09 in 13th place. DAVID SHEPHERD (10th) far outperformed his time from last week with a time of 21:15.37, and CADEN ELKINS (9th) set a new PR with a blazing time of 21:55.08! MICHAEL GAD (10th) and JAKE NODA (10th) rounded out the varsity squad running 23:01.27 and 23:08.72.


The JV BOYS TEAM had an amazing day as well with several PRs set as well! BENNETT LOYACANO (9th) ran his first race and ran a fantastic time of 15:17! ETHAN NASH (8th) and MATTHEW HAWTHORN (10th) raced to a photo finish both clocking in at 15:29! Rookie runner FYN RABORN finished his first race with a time of 15.40 and SETH SOPRANO (7th) set a new PR with a run of 15:36, and fellow 7th graders JANSEN FAIRBANKS and MICHAEL WHITEHEAD ran 16:09 and 20:07.


The VARSITY GIRLS TEAM showed their dominance over the other teams posting a LOWEST POSSIBLE SCORE of 15!!! The team finished with 6 runners in the top 10 and all 7 in the top 12 even missing two veteran runners who were taking the ACT!!!!!!

CAPTAIN EMMA DEROSA (11th) continued to run with amazing grace and speed clocking in at 21:45.54 and finishing 1st overall! Setting a new PR CHESNEY MATHEWS (9th) soared in 2nd overall with a fantastic time of 22:11.23 while fellow freshman KANNIN COLE finished right behind her in 3rd with a time of 22:27.73! Those FRESHMAN ARE FLYING!!!!! ABBEY SCALISI (8th) completely demolitished her previous PR of 24:30 by almost 2 MINUTES and finished 4th overall with a time of 22:48.81!!!! AMIE COCHRAN (10th) improved her time from last week by over 2 mins finishing in 24:16.33 in 7th place, and DANIELLE KRILL (8th) broke into the top 10 with a new PR of her own running 24:33.63 and finishing in 8th place! The varisty team was rounded out by KERIGAN GARSAUD (9th) who finished her run with an improvement on her last week run at 28:35.06!


The JV GIRLS TEAM ran with everything they had and it paid off with 5 girls posting new PRs in the 2 mile race!!!! AVA GRACE LAROUX (7th) clocked in at a new PR time of 17.59, while 8th grader CHELSEA UGOKWE also set a new PR time of 17.51. CLAIRE CALLIS makes an ABSOLUTE STATEMENT RUN of 16:26 a new PR (better watch out varsity girls!) GUADALUPE PATINO (11th) improved her time from last week by almost 2 mins with a run of 20:30, and lone Senior HANNAH CROOKS ran her first race of the year at 19:20. KATE GILCHRIST (7th) set a new PR with a time of 17:51, and MIA PARISH (7th) finished with a new PR of 20:47. SARAH GAD (11th) greatly improved on her time from last week with a time of 19:54!


Congrats to the entire team and I can't wait to see what we have in store for us this year! 



















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