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Pineville 6 Mile Relay

     Beginning in 1911 at the University of Missouri, originally to encourage the return of alumni to watch their annual football game against the University of Kansas, the tradition of Homecoming has been a mainstay in the culture the United States. Over the past 110 years the tradition has grown to so much more including parades, galas, and of course the Homecoming Court. For high school students it has come to mark a point in the year when old friends return, school spirit is at its highest, and getting dressed to the 9s with your friends and letting loose at a great party. Summer fades into Fall and for those athletes who get the opportunity to compete in this most spirited week, getting a WIN on Homecoming Week is a memory that can always be looked back on with a smile in the years to come. The Holy Savior Menard Running Eagles made some of those most precious memories both on and off the course this year with a victory in the 3rd annual Pineville 6-Mile Relay, and a night out on the town with their teammates and friends to celebrate!









Relay Results: 

     The girls entered the race with three teams (1 varsity, 2 JV) and for the third year in a row were crowned champions of the Pineville 6-mile relay! They have won the meet every year that it has been held and this year they dominated once again with impressive performances from all the girls. The Varsity team, consisting of Kannin Cole, Chesney Mathews, Emma DeRosa, and Quinn Brown (running in that order) finished with a time of 43:48.07. Kannin opened up with a split time of 10:34, followed by Chesney with a time of 11:16. Emma ran third and logged a time of 11:06, and the relay was anchored by Quinn who finished off the competition with a time of 10:52. The two JV teams finished 1st and 4th in the JV division blowing out the other competition and bringing home the hardware on this Homecoming week! Claire Callis (12:09), Ava Laroux (12:19), Abbey Scalisi (11:57), and Amie Cochran (11:43) combined for gold with a time of 48:08.33, not far behind the Varsity team. The team of Caroline Crooks (13:46), Breanna Buller (12:16), Mia Parrish (14:30), and Kerigan Garsaud (12:27) put together a spectacular performance in the JV race. Congrats to all these runners!

     I was also able to catch up with Kannin Cole, who is leading the team this year at this point in the season with a time of 20:40, at this weeks race as well and get a couple of her thoughts about how the year is going and how she sees the year turning out. See what she had to say below! 

     The boys fielded 5 total teams (1 Varsity, 4 JV) and like the girls won the 6-mile relay for the third straight year! The JV boys also finished 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 6th rounding out the day with 1st in both varsity races AND 1st in both JV races! The varsity team put together at time of 36:34 and was led by Noah Gad who ran an incredible opening leg of 8:41, followed by Charles Beard running a time of 9:26. Third was Austin Siebeneicher with a leg of 9:13, and anchored by Cayden Gorham and his stellar run of 9:20! With an absolutely dominating showing that finished a full minute ahead of the next team! The JV teams were led by Aaron Cantrell (9:48), Matthew Hawthorne (10:24), Michael Gad (9:45) and Carter Byers (9:14) who made sure that Gold would only find its home around the necks of Menard Eagles! The second JV team consisted of Landry McGlothlin (10:17), Jansen Fairbanks (11:17), Adam Traczewitz (11:16), and Seth Soprano (10:38) and finished 3rd! The third JV squad was Noah Ryder (14:45), John Laborde (12:14), Bennett Loyacano (11:50), and Simon Chapman (12:55). Lastly was a mixed team of Adam Sehon (14:39), Jack Anderson (15:06), Michael Whitehead (13:14) and Calla Anderson (11:39)! Great job to all the eagles!

     Before the relay took place I got the chance to also have a chat with Noah Gad, leading the boys team this year so far with a time of (17:23), and see what he thought about his year so far and how the team looks going forward! Catch his interview below!

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