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pineville 6 mile relay

The EAGLES clean sweep

September 19, 2020




     Today saw by far the best weather for a race that the HSM XC team has had so far this year. At race time it was around 75 degrees with a slight breeze making it a perfect day for victory! For the uninitiated, the Pineville 6 mile relay is not your typical cross country race. It consists of teams of 4 runners who each run 1.5 miles each, and runs more like a track relay than a cross country race! The first team to run this morning was the Varsity Girls.

     The Girls team consisted of Emma DeRosa, Quinn Brown, Kannin Cole, and Chesney Mathews (running in that order). This impressive collection of running ability smashed the meet record for the race, which was set last year by the HSM girls team at 44:31, with an outstanding 42:00 time! Emma started the race out running her mile and a half in 10:22, building an impressive 1:30+ lead, which was then extended by Quinn who blazed a trail across Ward 9 running a wind whipping 10:12 leg. Kannin was up next and decided that she would close all hope of any comeback by slamming down a decisive 10:49 segment time before she handed the baton over to Chesney who sent the competition home crying with her anchor leg of 10:35! The girls averaged a 7:00 mile pace for the 6 mile race!


     Up next was the Boys race and the as the teams lined up the tension was palpable! Was this going to be the race that Pineville got one over on the Menard Eagles? NOT IF CHARLES, MIKEY, AARON, AND CARTER HAD ANYTHING TO SAY ABOUNT IT!!!! Pineville took an interesting strategy of placing their fastest runner in the first leg hoping to build up a lead far enough to crush the spirit of the boys, but the guys weren't having any of it!!!! Mikey started the race and although he laid down an outrageous time of 8:55 the Eagles found themselves behind by about 55 seconds. Looking through the crowd you could see the light twinkling in the eyes of the Pineville faithful, but looking at the Menard runners there was nothing but STONE COLD DETERMINATION! Carter was up next and he knew that he had work to do! He took off like a golden streak and although the Pineville runner was already out of sight he didn't have a look of worry in the slightest! By the end of his leg he had shaved off about 15 seconds from the Pineville lead with his 9:10 run and when Aaron got the stick the Rebel fans were sure that the victory was in the bag... NOT ON CANTRELLS WATCH! Through sheer will power Aaron pulled the lead down to 18 seconds with his super human effort of 8:58... and then it was down to the anchor leg... Charles 'the bullet' Beard. The Pineville fans were no longer smiling when Charles took the stick... they were to busy putting out the fires on the ground left by Charles feet! With a half mile remaining in the race Charles caught up to Pineville runner, and everyone knew that it was over! With 500 meters to go Charles took the lead and never gave it up, finishing his leg at an insane 8:24... but he said he could have gone faster... he was just messing round with that guy at the end! Their time of 35:27 was only 16 seconds slower than the meet record set last year by the HSM team, even after losing two seniors last year. 


Congrats to the Varsity Teams and their defending their championships from last year!


The JV race was next and the HSM crew was represented heavily fielding 3 boys teams and 3 girls teams! (with the help of a friend and a hero) HSM finished 2nd and 3rd in the boys division and swept 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the girls race! 

The boys teams were as follows:

1. Jalen Patterson (ran with the team to fill a spot), Seth Soprano, Jansen Fairbanks, and Noah Gad was the fastest of our JV boys teams and finished 2nd in the boys division with a fantastic time of 41:41 Seth ran a leg of 11:20, Jansen ran 11:32, and Noah anchored the relay with a leg of 9:48!

2. Michael Gad, Fynn Raborn, David Shephard, Charles Beard (filled an empty spot). This group finished 3rd overall with a time of 42:22! Michael started the race with a strong leg of 10:02, Fynn went next and ran a 11:10, he handed off to David who ran 10:11, and an exhausted Charles finished up with a 9:59.

3. Austin Seibeneicher, Michael Whitehead, Caden Elkins, and Jake Noda. Austin led this group in the 1st leg with a time of 10:15, he then handed off to Michael who ran a strong race recording a leg time of 14:03. 3rd leg was Caden Elkins who put down a 10:36 leg, and Jake finished out with an impressive 9:40! All said the group time of 44:34 was the 4th fastest JV time of the day.

The Girls teams were:

1. Claire Callis, Ava Grace Laroux, Mia Parrish, and Danielle Krill. This group of young ladies ran a very strong race of 51:27 and finished 1st in the girls division. Claire started the group with a time of 11:41, second was Ava who put down a fantastic 12:57 leg time. 3rd up for the group was Mia who fought hard and ran a 13:38 before handing off to Danielle to close it out with a time of 13:11!


2. Meredith Seeling, Chelsea Ugokwe, Kerigan Garsaud, and Breanna Buller finished 2nd in the girls division running a combined time of 52:03! Meredith led off with a time of 11:33 and then handed the baton to Chelsea who clocked in a time of 13:01. Kerigan then took over and finished her leg with a time of 12:55 and Breanna finished the group with a time of 14:34.


3. Abbey Scalisi, Amie Cochran, Guadalupe Patino, and Kate Gilchrist finished 3rd in the girls division with a time of 52:04. Abbey started very strong with a leg of 11:00, then it went to Amie who ran a very solid 12:03. Guadalupe was up next with a time of 15:12, and Kate finished up the race with a time of 13:49.


Congrats to all the Menard Eagles on their races today! Next race is this Wednesday 9/23 at Buhlow for the Menard Open! Hope to see everyone there!


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