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Quinn Brown


Birthday: July 28, 2004


Height: 5' 3"

3 Mile PR: 19:56

Parents: Melissa and George

Siblings: 1 brother

Years on HSM XC team: 6

get to know Quinn

Q: What first got you interested in running cross country?

A: My dad runs marathons and my mom does triathlons so they made me run with them starting really young. Then when my brother did XC with Coach Wally, he really encouraged me and gave me confidence because he said I was good.

Q: What is your greatest memory during your time running cross country?

A: My greatest memory is being best friends with all the girls my Senior year and bonding with them. I also loved running with the Vaughn's and Hays's encouraging me and being great role models. I really just loved all my teams, and I made great friends who encourage each other. Being a captain has also been a great experience for me. It has taught me responsibility and taught me to be a leader on the team and off. It taught me that although things may seem off sometimes, everything will be ok and just lead by example.  

Q: What is your favorite course to run? Why?

A: I have had a few over the years. It was

Anthill (Lakeside) at one point, and also

Highland Park (Baton Rouge). I also used

to like Cedar Creek (Ruston) but I realized

how really tough that course actually is.

Q: What else do you enjoy doing outside

the sport?

A: I love to play soccer, fish, listen to

music, hang with friends, be outdoors in

general, but also I enjoy watching T.V.

Q: What are your plans following

high school?

A: Go to a four year school where I can

train to be a veterinarian. I also plan to

keep running and playing soccer.

Q: What advice would you give to runners

who are just starting to get involved in the sport?

A: You do not have to be good to get into the sport. If you keep pushing yourself, set goals, and never give up you will be great. Also you will have great days and bad days but keep pushing and never give up.

Q: What has the sport of cross country taught you that you believe will help you in the future?

A: It has taught me that no matter what happens, always do your best. Lead others, whether it is in life or in a sport, in the right direction. 

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