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Hey everybody!


     We had an absolutely amazing weekend for racing this week and I am very excited about the direction that we are headed as a program. The weather was perfect for running and we have some fantastic results to report!


     We had 23 of 30 runners that competed over the weekend set new PRs, ran equal to their PR, or ran season best times in both the 3-mile and 2-mile races, the following athletes set new PRs:


Girls -


Quinn Brown: New 3-mile PR of 19:56 (moves her up to #14 on the Menard All-Time list and #6 on the Best 10th Grade Time List)


Abby Scalisi: New 2-mile PR of 15:00


Aly Jo Warren: Season best time 3-mile time of 20:38


Amie Cochran: New 3-mile PR of 23:06 (over 1 minute better than previous PR)


Caroline Gremillion: New 2-mile PR of 16:03


Emma Derosa: Season best 3-mile time of 21:57


Guadalupe Patino: New 2-mile PR of 19:13


Kannin Cole: New 3-mile PR of 20:39 (moves her into #21 on the Menard All-Timelist and #10 on the Best 8th Grade Time List)


Kerrigan Garsaud: Season best time 2-mile time of 15:58


Sarah Gad: Season best 2-mile time of 17:30

Boys –


Aaron Cantrell: New 2-mile PR of 13:07


Anthony Rynolds: New 2-mile PR of 15:45


Bennett Matthews: New 2-mile PR of 14:29


Caden Elkins: New 2-mile PR of 13:57


Carter Byers: New 2-mile PR of 12:23


Charles Beard: New 3-mile PR of 17:18 (moving him up to #25 on the Menard All-Time list and #5 on the Best 9th Grade Time List)


Cyrus Cox: 3-mile PR matching 16:13


David Shepherd: New 3-mile PR of 18:56


Eli Watkins: New 3-mile PR of 17:29 (moving him to #32 on the Menard All-Time List and #23 on the 10th Grade List)


Ethan Hartman: 2-mile season best of 17:13


Jake Noda: New 2-mile PR of 13:59


Matthew Hawthorn: New 2-mile PR of 13:35


Max Mallach: 3-mile season best of 18:51


Noah Gad: New 2-mile PR of 11:57

     Congrats to all these athletes on their achievements and we will continue to work towards improving on these times every week till the end of the season.

Menard Open


Cedar Creek

Well everyone it was certainly an interesting week!


   I want to start by saying that I am truly grateful for all the efforts put forward this week by the parents to make the Menard Open possible! We hosted over 500 athletes and 35 teams and a coach from St Louis told Coach Wally that it was by far the most organized and best meet they have been to in a couple years and that they would definitely be coming back. That is a compliment to our entire program and to each one of you who helped make the meet happen!!!!


Now down to business: This was a very great week for our runners! Between the Wednesday and Saturday meets we saw 12 Personal Records set in both 3 mile and 2 mile races, along with 8 Season Best runs!!!


Those athletes who improved their PRs and SBs are as follows:


3 Mile –


Kannin Cole 21:35 at Cedar Creek

Aaron Cantrell (PR at both events) 20:56 at the Menard Open and then 20:52 at Cedar Creek

Caden Elkins (improved both his 3 mile and 2 mile PR) 23:10 at the Menard Open

Carter Byers 20:00 at Cedar Creek

David Shepherd (improved by almost 1 Minute) 19:47 at Cedar Creek

Eli Watkins (PR at both events) 18:26 at the Menard Open and then 17:57 at Cedar Creek!


2 Mile –


Abbey Scalisi (PR at both events) 16:20 at the Menard Open and then 15:16 at Cedar Creek

Danielle Krill 15:33 at Cedar Creek

Guadalupe Patino 19:43 at Cedar Creek

Caden Elkins 14:05 at Cedar Creek


Those running Season Bests included: Amie Cochran (25:56), Amy Shannon (17:19), Caroline Gremillion (17:10), Emma Derosa (22:25), Meredith Seeling (22:30), Quinn Brown (21:20), Cyrus Cox (16:24), and Max Mallach (19:45)


     We were also very successful as a team this week! We took 1st place in both the Girls and Boys Varsity divisions at the Menard Open! (Complete results for that race can be found here Boys Results    Girls Results) Quinn Brown finished 1st, Aly Jo finished 3rd, and Kannin finished in 7th! Cyrus Finished 2nd, and Braden finished 5th!


     At Cedar Creek we were able to finish 3rd with our boys and 2nd with our girls in the varsity division!!!! (Results can be found here Boys Results     Girls Results)  Cyrus Cox finished in 6th overall o the boys side, and Kannin Cole finished in 10th!!! Congrats to all the runners and the teams!


Update from around the State:


Newman ran their home meet and their top 5 girls are as follows



Louise McGehee was also at their meet and their results were as follows:


Results here:

Menard Open

Cedar Creek

Pineville Relays

Hey everyone,

I wanted to fill everyone in on how this weeks race went for the team! It was a little different than what we are used to running but I was very proud of how the team performed. I am PROUD to announce that the Holy Savior Menard Eagles are the inaugural Pineville 6 Mile Relay Champions in Varsity Boys, Varsity Girls, and JV Boys Divisions!

Here are the breakdowns of the results:

Starting with the Varsity Boys team (w/1.5 mile split time):


1st place - with a Meet Record and HSM Record - 35:11 


Cyrus Cox - (8:32)

Charles Beard - (9:17)

Mikey Derosa - (9:01)

Braden Scalisi - (8:26)

Varsity Girls:

1st with a Meet Record and HSM Record - 44:46

Kannin Cole - (10:26)

Emma Derosa - (11:28)

Meredith Seeling - (11:35)

Aly Jo Warren - (11:16)

JV Boys:

1st Place - 39:39                                      2nd Place - 42:35

Eli Watkins - (9:01)                                   Aaron Cantrell - (10:19)

Max Mallach - (9:50)                                David Shepherd - (10:42)

Michael Gad - (10:14)                              Matthew Hawthorne - (11:29)

Carter Byers - (9:31)                                Noah Gad - (9:45) 

JV Girls:

2nd Place - 54:58

Amie Cochran - (12:46)

Abby Scalisi - (12:46)

Sara Gad - (14:29)

Danielle Krill - (12:55)

We are also extremely proud of our runner Blair Salario for finishing 2nd in the girls division and 4th overall at the 2 mile color run this weekend! Great Job representing Holy Savior Menard!!!


Completed Race Stats:

Hey everyone,


     I would like to start by saying that this year’s Episcopal Round Table Run was an amazing success for one reason and one reason only, the commitment of the parents/athletes/families and community that surrounds this program! Thank you all so much for the hard work that you put in on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis!


Now down to business! This meet saw some truly great moments! We had 27 runners compete in 5 races and of the 27 we had 16 of them set new 3 mile PRs!!!  That is 59% of the team! 9 more also ran their season best this week! That absolutely blows me away and humbles me as a coach to be honest!

The following athletes set a new 2 Mile or 3 Mile PR (not counting 5k conversion PRs):


2 Mile

7th Abby Scalisi – 16:40

7th Danielle Krill – 15:47

9th Guadalupe Pitino – 21:23

10th Maddie Kidd – 20:47

7th Bennett Matthews -14:44


3 Mile

10th Aly Jo Warren – 21:56

11th Amie Cochran – 26:03

12th Braden Scalisi – 16:29

8th Carter Byers – 20:01

9th David Shepherd – 20:56

11th Eli Watkins – 18:31

9th Jake Noda – 23:25

9th Matthew Hawthorn – 21:50

9th Michael Gad – 22:19

8th Mikey Derosa – 18:28

9th Noah Gad – 19:59


We also saw drops in time for 20 of our 27 runners this week compared to last week!

The girls lost an average of 48 seconds per runner and the boys lost an average of 41 seconds per runner!


Team/Individual Standouts:


Boys Team: 6th of 42 with a score of 267

The scoring boys this week were:

  1. (14) Braden Scalisi – 16:29

  2. (15) Cyrus Cox – 16:30

  3. (68) Charles Beard – 17:52

  4. (96) Mikey Derosa – 18:28

  5. (98) Eli Watkins – 18:31

Total Time – 1:28.50        1 – 5 Split: 2:02

Other notable teams:

Episcopal BR (166) (15:52)(17:12)(17:25)(17:30)(17:36)

Girls Team: 12th of 25 with a score of 312

The scoring girls this week were:

  1. (49) Aly Jo Warren – 21:56

  2. (54) Quinn Brown – 22:11

  3. (64) Emma Derosa – 22:27

  4. (70) Meredith Seeling – 22:37

  5. (180) Blair Salario – 27:05

Total Time – 1:56.16        1 – 5 Split: 5:09

Other notable teams:

Isidor Newman (171) (19:15)(20:28)(22:20)(22:22)(22:38)

Episcopal BR (218) (20:44)(21:47)(22:16)(22:27)(23:06)

St. Michael

Team Stats from our race this week at St. Michael @ Highland Park in Baton Rouge. 

Completed Race Stats:

Boys Team: 5th overall with a score of 163

Outstanding Performances:

Cyrus Cox - 6th overall finisher : 16:29

Braden Scalisi - 14th overall finisher: 16:41 PR

Girls Team: 7th overall with a score of 167

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